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Two Brothers Muay Thai



About Us

2 Brothers Muay Thai is a martial arts gym located in the town of Birkenhead, on the Wirral peninsula in Merseyside, England. 

The gym offers training in Muay Thai, a combat sport that originated in Thailand and is known for its use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins. Muay Thai is a physically demanding sport that requires strength, stamina, and agility, and it is also a great way to improve overall fitness and cardiovascular health...

Join 2PN and Transform Your Body and Mind



With a friendly and supportive community, Two Brothers Muay Thai provides a welcoming environment for anyone looking to learn and develop their Muay Thai skills.

Regularly working with outside organisations to offer opportunities to disadvantaged members of the community, funded half term sessions and for vulnerable youths to take part and learn Muay Thai from world class trainers.


Two Brothers Muay Thai is motivated by a passion and commitment for helping it's members to achieve their fitness and fighting goals.

The gym aims to create a positive and supportive environment where students can learn and develop their skills, regardless of their level of experience or ability.

Through their training and classes, 2PN seeks to promote discipline, respect, and mental and physical strength, both inside and outside of the gym.


The results of training at Two brothers Muay Thai are numerous, including improved physical fitness, strength, and motivation.


Our students also develop confidence, discipline, and mental toughness, which can be applied to all areas of life.


Whether your goal is to become a competitive fighter or simply improve one's fitness and health, the results of training at 2PN are both tangible and long-lasting 


Joe Ryan VS Denpanon Pran26

The current, reigning Lumpinee Middleweight Champion from Thailand Denpanon Pran26, ranked number 1 by WBC Muaythai will take of ISKA World champion & WBC ranked number 2 Joe Ryan.

Catch the two best Middleweight Muaythai Fighters on the planet going head to head.

Hosted by MASDA Fight Night on the 16th December 2023.

Tickets available through the link below.

National Lottery 

Free Carer & Child Classes

Two Brothers CIO is proudly running classes funded by The National Lottery. This class is aimed at carers & children, offering a pad and fitness session, promoting bonding and to share and enjoy a hobby.

It is available every Monday & Wednesday at 17:30.

Please contact the gym to book.

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